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 The Red Hat and Capgemini partnership delivers the perfect combination of powerful technology and proven digital, infrastructure, and application services. Driven by Capgemini’s expertise, together we enable our customers to succeed in their digital transformation journey to meet the increasing demands of their business.” MARTIN SNELLGROVE, Capgemini Global Partner Account Manager, Red Hat Market Recognition IDC REPORT: Capgemini Helps Businesses Containerize Existing and Modern Workloads with Red Hat OpenShift to Become Cloud and Digital Native FROST & SULLIVAN: Don’t Let Common Cloud Management Challenges Derail Your Digital         Deutsche Telekom rolls out fiber-optic connectivity at record speed Using distributed agile methodologies, Capgemini and Deutsche Telekom swiftly launched a new full-service platform to plan, sell, and install fiber-optic connectivity Transition to a new era Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s largest telecommunication companies, present in over 50 countries worldwide. Within Germany, the network covers 13.6 million broadband lines and provides internet products and services to individual consumers as well as corporations. Following ISDN, mobile, and DSL, the telecommunications industry is currentlytransitioningtogigabitconnectivity.Highspeedinternethas fundamentally changed communication in everyday life and consumersexpectevenfasternetworkspeedsnomatterwherethey are. Keeping pace with social and political demand, no other provider is investing more in the initiative than Deutsche Telekom. Over 500,000 km of fiber-optic cabling has been rolled out to date, incrementally replacing 50 years’ worth of copper wiring. Project overview Customer Name: Deutsche Telekom AG Industry: Telecommunications Location: Germany Client Challenges/Business Need: To increase swaatnistfeadctionfowcuitshiittspsreorcveicsesse,sDoenuthscehceuTsteolemkeormand support the rollout of fiber-optic broadband within a short timeframe via a digital platform. Solution: Telekom partnered with Capgemini to redesign the architecture of its Operations Support System (OSS) fiber-optic platform. Open sourced DevOps and cloud technology were used to support a microservice architecture and an agile Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach that enables high delivery speed Results (Benefits): • New user-friendly infrastructure allows Deutsche Telekom to serve its customers even more effectively • Afullydigitalizedprocesssignificantlyreduces the time required for ordering and installation • Highlevelofplatformscalabilitypavestheway for roll out across Germany • Complex network of stakeholders is integrated into streamlined process  DON’T LET COMMON MANAGEMENT CHA YOUR DIGITAL TRA FROST & SULLIVAN EXECUTIVE BRIEF SPONSORED BY RED HAT AND CAPGEMINI CLOUD Transformation  The contents of these pages are copyright © Frost & Sullivan. All rights reserved. LLENGES DERAIL NSFORMATION 17     

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