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 Our Value A strong partner relationship that began in 2010 which formalized into a Global Partner Agreement in 2016, today we are a Red Hat Premier GSI Partner in key geographies. This partnership status at the highest level of Red Hat partner classification reflects our strategic relationship, heavy investment, and close collaboration. Capgemini and Red Hat also have a shared vision about the role of open source in cloud- native development, extensive experience with large-scale customers and complex challenges. Specifically, the Red Hat OpenShift container platform helps Capgemini implement the Agile software development, DevOps processes, and cloud-native applications that are the basis for generating the business benefits that our enterprise customers require. Capgemini is heavily focused and very strong in application development. Red Hat technologies complement this strength with a focus on infrastructure and platform modernization, containers, and managed services, as exemplified by Red Hat OpenShift. Cloud Native with Red Hat Freedom of Choice TUNE IN  5   

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